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Help reduce puffy, dark circles to reveal a smoother, tighter eye contour.

Ultra Firming Eye instantly firms and tightens eye contour, minimizing the appearance of puffy eyes and dark circles. Formulated to produce dramatic visible effects.


  • Minimizes the appearance of Dark Circles
  • Visibly Reduces Eye Puffiness
  • Helps Boost Collagen Production
  • Visibly Firms and Smoothes Eye Contour


Eyeliss™: helps reduce puffiness and bags under the eyes. Puffy eyes are due to fluid build-up caused by poor drainage, fragile capillaries, and loss of elasticity. Fluid leaks into surrounding tissues and produces bags.

Eyeliss™ targets all three conditions by promoting drainage and helping to reduce capillary fragility, and irritation and skin slackening while visibly increasing skin firmness and elasticity.

Eyeliss™ contains a mixture of Hesperidine Methyl Chalcone, the dipeptide Valyl-Tryptophane (VW) and the lipopeptide Pal-GQPR.

Pepha-Tight™: Visibly firms the eye area and helps improve the appearance of dark circles.

Marine Algae Extract: Quickly visibly firms skin and helps provide long term anti-aging effects by helping to protect skin from oxidative stress. Promotes a firmer, more youthful looking eye contour.


Apply evenly morning & night to cleansed eye contour.


The advice on this page is not meant to replace a skincare consultation. Use this product at your own discretion and follow all manufacturer's instructions. An online or in-clinic consultation is recommended before use.

Ultra Firming Eye Creme

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